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How Do Owners Free Themselves From Having To Be The Top Salesperson?

September 14, 2021

Anthony Coundouris, author of #RunFrictionless, and I explore his excellent perspectives on how to evaluate and understand your customer? Where are you and your business in relation to where your customer is? We delve into the interplay between the various moving parts?

Q1: Who we serve?

Q2; What we serve?

Q3: Who we are?

Q4: How we serve?

We identify why you can get so much more done when you focus on eliminating the causes of friction for the customer, for the people in your own organisation. And how the pay off is a strong, organic business where you are no longer affecting the day to day smooth running of your operation. You have the right people in place and you trust them to do the right thing. That is an achievement few ever attain.

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