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Revenue Intelligence: How to Build a $6m Pipeline in 12 Weeks From Cold?

Revenue Intelligence: How to Build a $6m Pipeline in 12 Weeks From Cold?

January 26, 2022

Patrick Joyce is a top of the funnel supernova

From Accidental Salesman To Intentional Manager

From Accidental Salesman To Intentional Manager

January 25, 2022

Andy Mutton was an accidental salesman who learned to qualify after spending a fortune of his employers' resources on non-opportunities and pipe-dreams.

We discuss solutions to management attachment to outdated practices and beliefs, which lead to blindspots, chasing fictions, disengagement and high levels of turnover, chronic underperformance and ambiguity.

Website: essentialsalesprocess.com

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Isn’t It Time We Rethink The Role of Sales Manager?

Isn’t It Time We Rethink The Role of Sales Manager?

January 20, 2022

"How can you produce a plan when you have no vision?", asks Lenwood M. Ross. We explore why training fails repeatedly and predictably. 

We identify where leadership's attention is focused and why it often results in damaging unintended consequences. We ask the question why L&D isn't the right hand of the Board, spearheading the execution of their strategy.

"The behaviour change is what's important", says Lenwood. By enabling to become operational coaches, your middle management layer, particularly in sales, will release the full creativity of every employee simultaneously. By enabling managers to offer Operational Coaching(TM), you free upwards of 40-60% of an average manager's working day to spend on high value management activities.

Lenwood's core business is delivering digital transformation. The difference is he starts with the people. #Change, #Transformation and #OrganisationalDevelopment programmes are GUARANTEED to fail unless you bring your people on board and help them understand why the better future is worth the upheaval of changing.

Contact Lenwood via linkedin.com/in/lenwoodmross

Website: accelery.com/  (Business Transformation Firm)

Twitter: lenwood_ross


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Debunking The Most Harmful Sales Management Myths

Debunking The Most Harmful Sales Management Myths

January 18, 2022

"How does the monthly forecast update cycle distract you from the real job of management?", asks Mark Boundy. Mark, Mikey Maynard and Marcus Cauchi explore why coaching is dead and managers are fooling themselves into thinking that sales can be reduced to a series of CRM reports.

What is "pipeline blindness"?

Why is MRR worship such a danger?

This is a very robust conversation that delves deep into some of the most critical obstacles to sales success and business growth.

Contact Mikey Maynard on linkedin.com/in/mikey-maynard-93b7791

Email: mmaynard@keyser.com

Contact Mark Boundy on https://www.linkedin.com/in/markboundy/


Email: mark@boundyconsulting.com

Twitter: BoundyMark


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Why Develop A Clear ICP,  Micro-Target And Speak Your Prospect’s Language?

Why Develop A Clear ICP, Micro-Target And Speak Your Prospect’s Language?

January 13, 2022

"Develop a clear, micro-targeted definition of your ICP - very narrowly focused. Develop your messaging by using the language your prospects use to describe what you do for them. Leave no good reason for a qualified prospect to say no", says Wendy Weiss, who has been cold calling longer than most of you have been alive.

She's the founder of the #Salesology prospecting method. She helps sellers grow their pipeline with quality appointments that lead to closed sales

We explore how salespeople are largely left to their own devices when
prospecting and why it is so ineffective. Wendy explains what works
and why. It has nothing to do with you, your company or your products
and services.

What do your prospects want and need?
How do they talk about it?

Unless you understand that you may as well be speaking Babylonian!
You will never be relevant. We explore these and other critical
blindspots such as management by abdication, lip service training etc.

Consider the crushing waste of this fact. 83% of newly hired
salespeople are gone inside of 3 years. What questions does that raise
about the management layer and their responsibility or capability to do the job?

We dispel the myth that sellers are born. They are made. We make ourselves

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How Have You Prepared Your Managers For What‘s To Come?

How Have You Prepared Your Managers For What‘s To Come?

January 10, 2022

Dominic Ashley-Timms is CEO of Notion. Notion is a lovely business. Scaling up, experiencing the first taste of exponential growth, they are punching well above their weight. In December 2021, they won the Personnel Today L&D supplier of the year having been competing with MetLife (among others) for this prestigious award. All other contenders for these awards were publicly listed with tens of thousands of staff> Notion had 35 people at the time.

What makes Notion so special?

#Notion enables enterprises to train thousands of managers to deliver in the moment, practical, #OperationalCoaching (TM) at scale, simultaneously.

Imagine the impact of having hundreds or thousands of managers coaching 16-20 times a day. Clients report managers recovering as much as 50 days a year, each. ROIs in the region of 74-426x. Managers focusing on high value activity are released from doing the work they pay others to do so they can focus on design, leadership and coaching.

Attempting to solve a problem by tackling the symptoms misses the point. Unless you address your problems at their cause, and enable your people to learn how to solve their own problems, managers become a bottleneck, stifling creativity and risk taking.

Suppose even half of your managers stopped each time they were interrupted with a request for help, and instead of offering a solution or giving an answer, they asked a provocative, insightful or generative question? What could happen?

Contact Dominic via linkedin.com/in/dominic-ashley-timms

Website: https://starmanager.global/

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Do The Basics Well, Consistently and Mean It

Do The Basics Well, Consistently and Mean It

January 6, 2022

9x award winner, Jamie Martin joins me to discuss selling, hiring, managing and buying through the tough times. Pragmatic, no fluff

Contact Jamie on linkedin.com/in/jamiemartin111


Twitter: CorrectCareers


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How Do You Deliver Wicked Solutions To Wicked Problems?

How Do You Deliver Wicked Solutions To Wicked Problems?

January 4, 2022

Dr Alan Watkins is working to solve the world's toughest wicked problems. He and his team coach the Boards and Executives of the Fortune 500/FTSE350 to expand their thinking and speed of thought by factors of 10x, delivering ROIs as high as 6,000x.

We dig into what wicked problems are, and how to get to their root causes, and how to develop equally wicked solutions. Alan is a polymath, so we get to explore problems through several interrelated lenses to see how wicked problems are interdependent. Alan shows the importance of looking at these complex, sophisticated problems from multiple perspectives, and shows why truly diverse teams are vital to prepare you what's to come.

Contact Alan via linkedin.com/in/dralanwatkins


Twitter: AlanDWatkins



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The Future Of Learning Is Bright

The Future Of Learning Is Bright

December 28, 2021

Farhad Eftekhari is founder of TechClass, a learning platform based on the Finnish education system. It caught my attention because the "gold standard" for completion of online learning is ... wait for it ... 3%! TechClass can boast 50% completion rates.

We discuss the intent behind training and why so much training fails to move the needle in performance. A fascinating journey into what works and why.

Contact Farhad on linkedin.com/in/farhade

Website: techclass.com  (Company Website)
Twitter: farhadDev



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Why Putting Your Employees First Is Damned Good Business?

Why Putting Your Employees First Is Damned Good Business?

December 23, 2021

Carey Smith built Big Ass Fans from a small base to exit for $500m. He now runs a private investment fund. We talk investors vs speculators & gamblers. We explore why looking after your people leads to happy customers FOR LIFE.

Carey pulls no punches. Nor do I. Lively, informative and packed with value, this is a not to be missed episode. 

Contact Carey via linkedin.com/in/jcareysmith

Website: jcareysmith.com/


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