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You Listen Your Way To A Sale; You Talk Your Way Out Of It

You Listen Your Way To A Sale; You Talk Your Way Out Of It

July 18, 2019

#BarbGiamanco is VP Sales #ECHOListeningIntelligence, author of #TSW #TopSalesWorld #Top50SalesBook2019 #TheNewHandshakeSalesMeetsSocialMedia chats to me about the importance of listening and asking exceptional questions

We discuss how listening is a catalyst for success in #Sales, #ChannelSales & #Partnerships, #Management and #Recruiting & #Hiring.

Barb and I had a very direct conversation about what holds businesses, leaders, managers and salespeople back, how poor listening can negatively impact partnerships and why we don't seem to learn from our very obvious mistakes.

We also explore the importance of continuous learning and the effect it can have on your career and your culture.

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F**k Money Not People!

F**k Money Not People!

July 12, 2019

"Is curing people a viable business model?" - does this question asked by Goldman Sachs raise the hackles on your neck or make you think, "that sounds like a reasonable question"? Why as a society are we asking the wrong questions?

#JonThorSigurleifsson is a #TechnologyEvangelist and #CorporatePunk whose purpose is to inspire us to ask better questions and better the lives of those he serves and wider society. He delivers a refreshing, well considered, disruptive message. Yes, he is an idealist but also very much a pragmatist.

We cover a wide range of societal, commercial and moral questions in a lively discussion and I can't wait to have him back for another conversation about asking the right, tough questions to which we might not want the answers but need to be asked.

We draw on our diverse international and commercial experiences, we discuss value, ethics, priorities that are affecting us today with the stranglehold of the global financial system, corporate selfish-self interest pitted against human rights, unnecessary human suffering. We touch on the #FinancialSingularity that has already occurred and why #AI should be welcomed not feared.

Mostly, an optimistic view of the future and a thoroughly enjoyable conversation.

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What Are Martech, Unified Business And 2-Tier Distribution?

What Are Martech, Unified Business And 2-Tier Distribution?

July 11, 2019

#PeteNicholls, CEO of #HubDo, is a pioneer. A pioneer is man with arrows in his back. Veteran of the channel, Pete  has pioneered ideas that are now the norm across the tech industry. He worked for Dimension Data (now NTT) and Cisco, and today HubDo is a Platinum Partner for #HubSpot, he represents #PandaDoc and a growing portfolio of vendors.He established HubDo in 2011 when he spotted an opportunity in the growth area of #Martech championing the concept and practice of #UnifiedBusiness. In 2019 HubDo created #HubDoCloud, the first multivendor "Cloud as a Service" (ClaaS) for Unified Business Solutions. With a variety of ISVs, HubDoCloud simplifies the selection, integration, provisioning and management of per-Client application clouds to support industry solutions. Pete's worked both sides of the fence and today works closely with #agencies and he shares his insights on what works, what doesn't and what is coming in the near future. 

He is leading the way in helping vendors develop a #2TierChannel model helping smaller partners achieve sales growth of both their vendor products and value added services.

A lively, informative interview with a leading visionary in the #channel



“Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight, we dine in hell!”

“Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight, we dine in hell!”

July 4, 2019

#JayAllen is a friend and a client of mine. Founder of MyTrueNorth and the SCALE growth blueprint, Jay has studied the reasons behind 153 successful business failures and identified why businesses fail and what successful business do to stay successful, scale up and retain wealth for their owners. He chats with me about how to add a zero to your personal disposable income.

His history is fascinating and he tells his story with passion, compassion and absolute authenticity. He is a man on a mission. This is a genuinely compelling conversation with a man who puts ethics before self-interest. He discusses the experience of true service, the heavy price he had to pay personally and how his failures, PTSD and personal injuries have helped mould him into the man he is today.

We discuss at length why people get stuck, stay stuck and how finding your purpose, underpinned by your values, playing to your strengths drives incredible results. Jay is someone who literally has lived in the trenches and doesn't base his ideas on comfortable armchair theory, but lives them, applies them, delivers them into real businesses every day.

He is the creator of the SCALE blueprint, a multi-award winning business leader, a multi-award winning speaker, one of the UK's leading business coaches, a former battlefield medic and champion for #PTSDwelfare, #PTSDrespite and #PTSDrecovery. His mission is to build a retreat for #PTSDsufferers and their families by 2023. He is a highly sought after speaker who donates most of his speaking fees to CombatStress. If you ever want a truly inspirational speaker, please consider Jay. You will struggle to find anyone who moves your audience to action more effectively. And check out his book, #FromBattleField2Boardroom - https://www.battlefield2boardroom.co.uk/



You can contact Jay on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jayallen-mytruenorth/

Via his webiste: https://www.mytruenorth.biz/

How Come Sales Is The Best and Worst Paid Profession In The World?

How Come Sales Is The Best and Worst Paid Profession In The World?

July 3, 2019

#DylisGuyan is a rabidly passionate about #sales and selling as I am. This is a firecracker of an interview. Dylis specialises today in helping SMEs sell into corporate clients. We talk about what makes a great salesperson, what makes selling great and we offer at least 13 #salestips and #salestactics that you can employ immediately

We discuss how to get the prospect to buy on value instead of worrying about price and cost so get paid what you are worth. We identify how to get business class and 1st class travel when clients want you to go to see them. And we pinpoint how to diagnose the real, personal, emotional problem to build a compelling business case.

We debate how managers can make or break a sales team, why they are caught in a trap and why leadership teams are failing them.

Exploring the effect of self-concept on your performance is so important. The biggest challenge you face is calming the inner critic and reframing the noise in your head so you establish equal business stature, know your rights as a seller, segment your target market and build up your money concept.

Contact Dylis via her LI profile or her website http://dylisguyan.com/

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The Life & Loves of a Technology Visionary

The Life & Loves of a Technology Visionary

July 1, 2019

#SamSethi is a technologist with a powerful commercial vision. He was employee number 20 in #Microsoft in the UK, he worked at Netscape when you had to explain what a browser is, he brought #TechCrunch to Europe and has been a key influencer in the evolution of many of the world's ubiquitous technologies. Today Sam is pioneering #voice as the new HTML as CEO of #MadeInHead

We discuss the pitfalls of #venturecapital, the hangover of #miltonfriedman on corporate culture and misdirected priorities towards short-term results leaving our economies and our companies exposed to China and companies like #Amazon who fly in the face of being slaves to #shareholdervalue.

Sam shares a wealth of insights into the future of technology and its impact on the evolution of business and how we work. We discuss our favourite books and influencers.

You can hear Sam interviewing me about how to cut through the noise, get to decision makers and shorten sales cycles, get paid premium and close more often here: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6548829926089457664

How To Scale By Upsetting the Status Quo

How To Scale By Upsetting the Status Quo

June 26, 2019

#DavidSloly is an award winning marketer who has helped build some of the world's largest and most successful channels. Story teller, best selling author, journalist, broadcaster, accidental creative director and marketing automation expert, David discusses how he helped Microsoft grow sign ups and engagement with their partner network of 25,000 partners and rescue a failing channel partner portal.

We discuss the mistakes most companies make in their aborted attempts to create dialogue with their audience and establish trust & relevance because they market selfishly, focus on the wrong end of the problem and insist on talking about what matters to them not their customers. We dig into why emotion is more powerful than reason and logic in sales and in marketing to drive new behaviour and encourage decisions from buyers.

He introduces an elegantly simple technique for creating powerful ideas that have helped him help his clients to scale massively, fast and without the wheels falling off.

David is co-founder of HarveyDavid, the marketing automation consultancy

#Eloqua #marketingautomation #creativity #marketing #personalisation

Why You Need A Business Story And How To Create It

Why You Need A Business Story And How To Create It

The Eloqua Mindset: Conversations with Successful Marketers Who Are Realising the Potential of Marketing Automation

The Eloqua Mindset: Conversations with Successful Marketers Who Are Realising the Potential of Marketing 

Mash-up!: How to Use Your Multiple Skills to Give You an Edge, Make Money and Be Happier

 Zoom!: The faster way to make your business idea happen (Financial Times Series)

Zoom!: The faster way to make your business idea happen (Financial Times Series)

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How To Brand or Not To Brand, That Is The Question?

How To Brand or Not To Brand, That Is The Question?

June 19, 2019

I interviewed #GerardTannam, MD of Island Bridge, a branding agency with a difference. Gerard explains what branding is and isn't, how it affects your relationship with your current and future customers, and why getting it right can affect the uptake and trajectory of your idea or business.

Your brand describes the relationship you have with your customer or target audience. He gives several real world stories to explain how branding works, what you can do to develop a strong brand and change the behaviour of your customers, your partners, your suppliers and entire nations.

Gerard has used branding to cut road deaths in Ireland by nearly 60% over the past couple fo decades, he's helped grow hotel chain sales, improve customer retention, reduce waste and drive sales.

Please forgive my tinny sounding voice. I say comparatively little and Gerard is clear as a bell. He is well worth listening to.

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How to Get Better Answers: Ask Better Questions

How to Get Better Answers: Ask Better Questions

June 4, 2019

#RichardFosterFletcher discusses #CustomerExperience and #PartnerExperience with me. We explore culture, recruitment, training, leadership and technology. We identify potential stumbling blocks and how the new kids on the block represent a real existential threat to the old guard software and technology giants.

We kick off with the big question, which is how do we use technologies like #businessintelligence, #machinelearning and #artificialintelligence to help us ask better questions. If you want better answers, ask better questions. New technologies allow us to identify patterns and use them to ask better questions

Did you know that #Mercedes are doubling their income per customer by having customers subscribe to their cars? Why is China such a huge threat and what do we need to learn to adapt or die? How do you create a frictionless experience for the end customer whether you are selling direct or with partners? Why has IT missed the opportunity to attain their place in the C-suite and what opportunity do CX, PX, AI and ML leave for marketing? Which jobs are likely to be the road to CEO in future? Why are the old guard leadership routes destined to be superseded by these new roles which didn't exist even 5 years ago?

We discuss the importance of niching to power growth. We investigate how shifts in the approach to their channel that might backfire on companies like Dyson. We explore how channels are evolving and some fo the opportunities and threats posed by addressing or mismanaging partner experience. 

A lively and interesting discussion full of insights and challenging questions

Richard is a digital optimist with particular interest in Data Enrichment, Artificial Intelligence and BlockchainStrategies. Latterly, he's been responsible for #CustomerExperience #CX in #EnterpriseSales accounts for #Oracle. He's a highly sought out public speaker and hosts #DigitalDinners for C-suite executives to discuss trends, opportunities and threats posed by the fast changing digital landscape.

Richard recommends you read:

For big ideas: Safi Bahcall, Loonshots.

For personal journey: Ryan Holiday, The Obstacle is the way.

For AI: Max Tegmark, Life 3.0.

I suggest you read Hello World by Hannah Fry and listen to my podcast with #AmyWoodall called How to Explode Your Profits

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How to Join Up Your Channel For Control & Profit

How to Join Up Your Channel For Control & Profit

May 29, 2019

An oft overlooked truth of partner/channel management is that you are dealing with people. People do things for their reasons, not your reasons. Channel partners are in business for their reasons, not your reasons. They don't lie awake at night, excited, thinking about selling your product. Perhaps they should, but what you NOT doing that makes them see you as a commodity, an interruption?

In a very lively debate with #OlivierChoron the best practices and mistakes being made by vendors looking to scale their channel we explore the impact of good and bad use of PRM (Partner Relationship Management), niching, targeted channel marketing, expectation management, segmentation and differentiation.

Olivier says that "Channel sales is a sales role with a massive coordination hat on." And he's right. We discuss the qualities and competencies needed to be an ultra successful channel manager and channel chief. These roles are closer to a general manager and a chief executive than they are to a sales manager or VP of sales.

We discuss the dangers of using partner personas - one size fits all - to categorise partners into sales, technical, marketing. We investigate the danger of these assumptions and how it damages your relationships and the performance of your partners

We explore what it takes to create good conditions for genuine partner engagement - Where do you start to establish a true partnership? How do you maximise your return on investment in every partnership, in every individual within every partner? How are you adapting as your partner evolves? How do you help them sell, implement and scale your partners?

A crucial mistake many vendors make is their failure to communicate in a meaningful, personalised and targeted manner. The cost in a large vendor can be prohibitive but this offers scale ups in the £3-50 million turnover range an opportunity to differentiate and build their special forces unit of partners.

Communicating effectively as your channel grows beyond a manageable level is tough. It's easy to fall into the comfort trap of communicating using the wrong media, the wrong language, delivering generic messages to make your life easy and keep your costs down, missing the mark for the majority of their partners. And this is a key weakness in the strength of larger vendors you could be exploiting

Failing to understand how to prioritise high versus low touch partners also means that you have fallen into the one size fits all camp. Don't make this mistake and your most productive partners will engage, feel valued and understood and produce hyper-profits helping you to scale fast without losing control

Large vendors have a hangover because of where sales and business leadership traditionally comes from. The smartest scale up vendors are going to have their channel chief on their board along with their VP of Customer Success/ Customer Experience because both these roles will drive growth and profitability

If you want to get hold of Olivier you can connect on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/olivierchoron/

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