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What You Need to Know About Digital Selling

What You Need to Know About Digital Selling

November 18, 2019

#MarioMartinezJr has been selling B2B for the past 22 years. He has recently merged 5 companies to form #Vengreso. We dispel the myth about the fictional battle between cold calling and social. We explore the continuum between sales, marketing and customer success and compensation models. We identify the break points where silos handover

What You Need To Know About Making Your Training Excellent

What You Need To Know About Making Your Training Excellent

November 13, 2019

#DaveMattson, CEO of #SandlerTraining, multiple best selling author and 30+year veteran (I know he doesn't look it!!) of the #SandlerSellingSystem chats to me about what works and what doesn't in training.

We explore the mistakes we've made, the bad choices leaders and L&D folks make, why training succeeds and why it fails. Dave talks about technology, sales enablement and we raise some uncomfortable questions about the criminal waste and missed opportunities because training is poorly delivered, poorly planned and not reinforced.

Dave is spearheading the transformation of Sandler from an #ILT #InstructorLedTraining operation to one that utilises ILT, audio, video #microlearning, #gamification, voiceapps, #voiceskills.

If you would like to get the #MySandler #skills app pop along to the Skills & Games on the #AlexaApp dropdown FOR FREE, go get it now

What You Need To Know About #DisruptiveMarketing

What You Need To Know About #DisruptiveMarketing

November 4, 2019

#AlTepper founder of #TepFu is a master of #lazymarketing. Self-styled as the Barry White of marketing, 2 portly old geezers discuss the difference between #disruption and #innovation.

Disruption is aligned to innovation but they are different. Innovation is enhancing what already exists. Disruption is doing something completely new. You win battles by not fighting the battle but by picking the terrain. In business you can out-spend or out-position your competition

Al has developed a 3 step process called conversation mastery:

  1. Brand Mastery - developing the most incredible story is about winning the first mile
  2. Content Mastery - bring imagination to your content. Don't be bland. Stand apart
  3. Campaign Mastery - weaponise your brand and your content strategies into effective campaigns that will attract the people you want to come towards you

Meet your prospective customers where your objectives meet their objectives.

Know your "WHY". Why you do what you do. Know why they care - their Why. Where they cross over is where the emotional connection is made.

We explore why ego causes the disconnect between marketing and sales. Sales is JUST A SUBSET OF MARKETING. It's vitally important but it is part of marketing. This needs to stop!! NOW!! Stop encouraging the culture where everyone in sales and marketing is out for themselves. Align everyone towards a common goal - making and keeping the customer happy. Emerson's law of compensation tells us that if you help enough other people get their needs met, you will in turn get your needs met too.

Al commits a wonderfully refreshing heresy and tells you why what you are measuring in your marketing reflects more about your ego than what really matters. Marketing is a conversation. If you are not having more subsurface conversations, your marketing isn't working.

We explore developing #ImplementationContracts with clients. Listen to the end to learn more. They are a stroke of genius!

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Displacing Your Incumbent Competition With Anthony Iannarino

Displacing Your Incumbent Competition With Anthony Iannarino

October 24, 2019




"If you don't like change you are going like irrelevance even less" - Eric Shinsake

#AnthonyIannarino is the author of 3 best selling books #TheOnlySalesGuideYoullEverNeed #TheLostArtOfClosing and #EatTheirLunch. He is also author of TheSalesBlog. Anthony speaks a world of uncommon sense.

We discuss the many and significant shortcomings of many modern sellers who are well intentioned but misdirected. At 25, Anthony experienced a serious illness that prevented him from driving for over 2 years which gave him time to study everything he could about selling and sales.

His book "Eat Their Lunch" is a masterpiece for every salesperson who occupies a place in a crowded, competitive, commoditised market and wants to displace incumbent competitors. 

Anthony discusses the importance of uncovering what your customer values and shows you how to elevate your selling significantly so you engage  with them where they are. His message pares away the distractions salespeople create to have conversations with prospects about the implications of not changing. The prospecting cadence he describes is elegantly simple and effective to help you break into accounts so you can displace incumbents.

He describes the signs which make accounts ripe for displacement:

  • Complacency
  • Entitlement
  • Apathy
  • Lack of communication
  • Systematic misunderstanding
  • Unaddressed systemic challenges

We talk about how you earn the position of a genuine trusted advisor. You build trust and you offer good, relevant advice. You have to be interesting, think deeply, well-read and capable of being a trusted advisor. He discusses how to help the individual salesperson perform better in front of the customer, when it really matters.

This is a genuinely important conversation with a master of what works sustainably in the real world of competitive selling. Lack of accountability and consequences are at the root cause of non-performance of individuals and businesses. Take personal responsibility for your own learning.

As managers you must be willing to enforce learning and study as part of every salesperson's role or you deserve what you tolerate. Use the resources available to you to help your team improve. Build a culture of learning, of accountability, of personal responsibility, eliminate excuses and stop tolerating low standards of personal performance. Impose your will on the outcome that is needed.

"Stop focusing on measuring lagging indicators. They are an autopsy" - Anthony Iannarino

Focus behaviour on what matters. Measure that. Do your research. Make sure your salespeople do their research. Be better informed than your competition. Be better informed than your prospects so that you can help them understand why and how they need to change. Ensure your salespeople are planning, well organised, rigorous in their productive behaviours making more time available for selling, disciplined about prospecting because they only have 2 functions - create opportunities or advance opportunities towards a decision.

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What you Need To Know About Selling to the C-Suite

What you Need To Know About Selling to the C-Suite

October 22, 2019

#SteveHall has carved a place for himself by helping others sell to the C-suite. He helps CEOs unblock the bottleneck to growth when sales have stalled.

We explore why ineffective salespeople so often get stuck in sales Siberia, the traps many create for themselves by over reliance on one or other social media channel and why so many have bloated pipelines full on non-opportunities, stalled deals, prospects who tell them they need to "think it over" and why forecasts are little better than a finger in the air.

He shares excellent ideas on how to break this pattern and reverse your sales fortunes by engaging with the people in your target accounts who can make things happen and find budget where none currently exists.

Steve is another grizzled old sales veteran of complex, high ticket international sales, helping solve strategic problems for C-suite executives. 

We discuss why most salespeople behave like a drunk travellers back from Magaluf who insist on showing photos of their holidays to unwilling strangers! It's not pretty and it's not clever! This interview is a great precursor to my next interview with #AnthonyIannarino which explores how to #displaceincumbentcompetitors

You can contact Steve via LinkedIn

or via his website executivesalescoaching.com.au

or via his email steve@executivesalescoaching.com.au

and Twitter on @stevehallsydney


What you need to know to build an international sales channel

What you need to know to build an international sales channel

October 17, 2019

#NickJones has gone from start up to exit in the past 15 years. He built his business entirely through #internationalsaleschannels. The #alliances and #partnerships he built allowed him to scale and grow fast, establishing highly influential relationships through the Middle East and Africa within governments, education systems and infrastructure.

He focused on working with a small group of special forces partners. He helped them sell, to make money and they have been loyal, highly productive and taken him into their best accounts. He invested time in making them successful, teaching them how to sell what his company produced.

His early days in channel sales were held back by managers who thought like everyone else, lacked imagination and actually harmed the trust he'd built up with him partners who then refused to take him into their end customers. That was the catalyst that drove him to set up his own business. From humble beginnings to $hundreds of millions in annual revenues, Nick learned to scale a business without the wheels coming off.

He tells his story, and discusses what worked, what didn't the challenges any scale up will face and what you need to do to stay focused, on track and keep your profits healthy.

Nick is now semi-retired and looking for his next project. Together we are looking for 8 scale up technology companies who want to grow at 200%+ per annum year on year to achieve over $1billion in annual sales over the next 8 years

Channel sales is THE toughest sales role there is in sales bar none. Take a look at what an average channel manager has to do ...


Get in touch if that could be you. mcauchi@sandler.com or call me on 07515 937221

What You Need to Know About Disciplined Execution

What You Need to Know About Disciplined Execution

October 8, 2019

#DaveBrock, former theoretical physicist, author of best selling #TheSalesManagerSurvivalGuide and globally renowned sales and growth expert discusses what's wrong with sales and how to fix it. Be prepared for a trip into the world of Schrödinger's sales manager!

#SalesManagers receive less than 5% of the investment in their training than salespeople receive. Yet their negative impact on a business can easily be 10x the negative impact of a bad sales hire. And a bad sales hire can easily cost a business 35 to 125x their salary.

Let that sink in for a moment!

Sales Managers can cost a business 350x to 1250x their salary! It doesn't make sense to be HIGHLY selective in who you hire as a sales manager, does it? Think about it, if you hire a bad manager, who is most likely to leave - your weakest or your strongest salespeople? And when they go, who will they take with them to your competition? Your best customers. Is that what you really want?

Dave and I discuss in depth the problems with #salesleadership, #salesmanagement and #sales. We dig into #saleshiring, #onboardingsalespeople, #salestraining, #salesmanagementtraining. We explore the misconceptions of management, the disconnects between sales and HR, sales and marketing, sales and management. And we uncover the real #silverbullet, the #magicdust in sales management ...


Yes, it is as painfully obvious as that. Do the basics well over time and mean it. Say no to extraneous, superfluous, shiny stuff to free up time for what actually matters.

This next fact should make you want to retch if you own or run a business. Dave's research suggests that the #TimeAvailableForSelling in most organisations is as low as 9% and averages just 12-21%.

In an era when fewer than 45% of salespeople worldwide are hitting quota, with 67.9% at or below 60% of quota, it's time to take a good, long, hard look in the mirror and ask, as management, what are we doing to be sales prevention officers?

With the best of intentions, initiatives intended to drive performance, drive data capture, drive reporting, constant interruptions, increased complexity, have taken salespeople away from their core functions - prospecting, speaking to customers, advancing and closing sales.

Subscribe to Dave's newsletter/blog. It contains a golden nugget of raw, uncommon sense #PartnersInExcellenceBlog every time it hits your in box. Dave also recommends the #FarnamStreetBlog (fs.blog) and having subscribed I wholeheartedly recommend it too. #DavidHSandler taught us that once you learned how to sell invest ALL your time in learning about people and how they function, think and what makes them tick. FS.blog is packed with outstanding material on how people think, what drives behaviour. Dave, thank you for this amazing recommendation.

Selling From The Heart With Larry Levine

Selling From The Heart With Larry Levine

October 2, 2019

Warning: Some salty, impassioned language, fuelled by fury and rage!

What's wrong with sales? What's wrong with sales management? What's wrong with the intent of salespeople and their bosses?

The quest for magic dust and #commissionbreath! Everyone wants to be a rock star - fame and fortune - without putting in the graft. The Beatles were an overnight success only after playing 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 7 years in a Hamburg cellar.

Lack of patience, failure to coach, confusing coaching with telling, lack of leadership, unstructured sales, lack of planning, failure to rehearse, winging it are topics we dig deep on. Imagine what would happen if everyone in your sales team was held account to practice, plan and prepare.

And what the hell is going on with the failure to invest in your managers? It's lunacy that senior leaders in business refuse to invest in sales management or veteran salespeople. #SalesManagers are in the most precarious management position there is, and according to #JonathanFarrington only 6% (SIX PERCENT) are qualified to be in the role, WORLDWIDE. Just because you were successful as a salesperson does not equip you to manage salespeople. far from it. And the idea that veteran salespeople don't need to be developed, trained and coached is another harmful myth. They need it as much, if not more than your juniors. Why? Because they are running your biggest and best accounts and they're facing predation from the competition every day. They need to stay fresh. Overlook them and one of 3 bad outcomes will happen:

1. They'll stagnate and become a problem in time, or block progression of brighter, younger rising stars

2. They'll be outsold and you'll lose some of your best accounts

3. They'll get so pissed off with you they'll set up in competition with you

This is a barnstormer of an interview with Larry and I competing for the worst acts of idiocy and self-sabotage we've seen in the sales arena.

Larry tells how he was humbled and schooled by a CFO who kicked his arse because the experience of being the buyer was excruciating. It fuelled a sea change in his selling beliefs, changed his behaviour forever and catalysed the values that built the foundations of Selling From The Heart.

If you've not yet read Larry's exceptional book, #SellingFromThe Heart, go and get it now. If you comment on this podcast I can send you the first 3 chapters for free.

You can contact Larry on:


  • +1(805) 586-3245 x 302 (Work)
What You  Need to Know About Leading Salespeople

What You Need to Know About Leading Salespeople

September 29, 2019

#TonyJHughes is the most widely read sales expert on LinkedIn with over 100,000 followers, author of 2 bestselling books, #TheJoshuaPrinciple and #ComboProspecting, successful enterprise sales professional and serial CEO.

We discuss #Attitude and #Mindset, we explore how to exploit traditional and modern #prospecting tools and tactics in combination to maximise #prospectingeffectiveness. We explore #salesleadership beliefs, behaviours, #salesbestpractices and #salesmisconceptions.

To be an effective salesperson who differentiates in the minds of your prospects, you have to behave differently from the outset. Great salespeople understand that the heavy lifting needs to be done before you first speak to the prospect. Tony shares his 3 decades experience in #sales, #salesmanagement and #salesleadership to do the right things, in the right way at the right time, with the right people and the right intent.

A refreshingly frank, pragmatic and practical conversation with all theory based in practice, Tony's insights are based on his real world experiences and persistent success. His lessons are critical for all sales leaders, business owners and salespeople to heed.

You can connect with Tony here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hughestony/ or visit his website at 


What Happens When You Stop Selling And Start Leading?

What Happens When You Stop Selling And Start Leading?

September 27, 2019

#DebCalvert @PeopleFirstPS is best selling author of " #StopSelling#StartLeading " and " #DISCOVERQuestions ", founder and President of People First Productivity Solutions and founder of #TheSalesExpertsChannel

We have a very robust conversation about what good, bad and ugly look like in the area of sales and management questions. #Questioning and #listening are critical skills in sales and leadership that are often butchered by average practitioners. Average questions leave your prospects saying "Meh!" and leave your salespeople confused or no better off. Questions should deliver insight, demonstrate credibility and differentiate you from your rivals. Most are like being savaged by a damp sheep!

Deb and I explore #SalesEnablement vs #SalesEnoblement, a long overdue conversation about #Values and #SellerIntent. Too many golden nuggets to mention here. You're just going to have to listen.

And then we pronounce a death sentence on sales management mediocrity. If you own or run a business, this section is a must listen. If you think hiring a bad salesperson is expensive, hire a series of bad managers and see how far back that sets your exit plan, your profits and your reputation.

Deb is a sales titan who influences and serves some of the most successful sales organisations and top performers in the world. Smart, savvy and pulls no punches

Check out her profile on #LinkedIn here: linkedin.com/in/debcalvertpeoplefirst

Follow #TheSalesExpertsChannel here: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13500564/