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Why Your Customer Journey Is Vital To Define A Great Strategy?

Why Your Customer Journey Is Vital To Define A Great Strategy?

June 19, 2021

"Strategy should be simple", says Gary Mitchell. He has never had a transformation programme fail to meet its desired goals in 35 years. Gary explains why starting with your customer journey is the foundation of great, #executablestrategy. He explains why failing to start with your customer sends you off target from the start.

We break this down in a blow by blow approach to developing customer insights, mapping the customer journey, extracting the knowhow and real world experience from your people to define the 3-8 bets you are going to make that will get you 80% of your intended end point.

We discuss who should be involved? When? Their roles? What will cause this process to fail? The role of leadership? And the importance of hitting the 6 month milestones to cement the credibility of your strategy across your entire organisation.

Gary helps #PrivateEquity backed companies build strategies that deliver the growth and exit ambitions of their shareholders, their leaders and their employees by putting the customer at the heart of everything you do.

Contact Gary via linkedin.com/in/garymitchellgmc


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Why Is Most Digital Marketing Total Horse Shit?

Why Is Most Digital Marketing Total Horse Shit?

June 17, 2021

"Why Is Most Digital Marketing Total Horse Shit?" Marcus Hemsley is co-founder at The Fountain Partnership. Marcus and I met 14 years ago when I advised him to get some experience of life and business before becoming a coach. Thankfully he listened and spared the world another NLP coach and established a fantastic agency which to date is the only ever winner of Google’s Global Award for Growing Businesses Online.

Marcus and I discuss why so much money is squandered on bad digital marketing, and what causes businesses to keep throwing good money after bad. We explore why you need to think as your customer and put in the hard miles of research, planning, testing, speaking to and listening to customers to make your marketing timely, relevant and valuable enough to drive buyer desirable behaviour at each stage of the funnel.

We question why vanity metrics are prioritised over outcomes for clients, and discuss how Digital Marketing can work exceptionally well for some businesses when they go back to the first principles of business growth. We also explore the interplay between marketing and sales, leadership and management culture, the power of collaboration and the critical importance of building your business around your customer's success and delivering their outcomes.

Marcus is also a committed environmentalist and we discuss his initiative to encourage individuals and businesses to plant 1 million trees each. Having only launched in April they already have 23 million trees pledged with 2.5million already planted.

Contact Marcus via LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcushemsley/ or marcus@fountainpartnership.co.uk Websites fountainpartnership.co.uk/ (Fountain Partnership ) milliontreepledge.org/ (Million Tree Pledge Site)


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Marketing, What Is Open Banking And Why Should You Care?

Marketing, What Is Open Banking And Why Should You Care?

June 16, 2021

The big question is why should retail marketing professionals care about #OpenBanking? With the removal of 3rd party cookies, many brands and retailers are scrambling to find workarounds to replace them.

Andries Smit is CEO and co-founder of Upside. Upside provide consumers with instant #cashback paid straight into their savings account. Apart from the obvious benefits to consumers of not having to wait weeks or jump through hoops to get their cashback, consumers get to take advantage of highly targeted and personalised offers from brands and retailers.

Andries explains how open banking enables retailers to grow spend from existing customers, map exactly how much their customers are spending with competitors, and use those insights to target offers to grow #walletshare, attract competitors' customers and build brand loyalty. 

This represents the start of a renaissance in marketing and is possibly the biggest evolution in data driven marketing we've seen in our lifetime.

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I've seen the detailed insights Upside can offer them through open banking and they really do deliver #MarketingCertainty. This puts true precision into consumer marketing based on real world buying behaviour, not intent data which is unreliable in comparison.


Andries can be contacted via LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/andriessmit

Twitter: DriesSmit
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Are You Making Every Sales Call A Teachable Moment?

Are You Making Every Sales Call A Teachable Moment?

June 15, 2021

Kevin Beales is CEO of Refract. Kevin has taken refract from start up to being acquired by Allego. Kevin eats his own dog food. He and all his team use their conversational AI to analyse every call, improving incrementally on a daily basis. Everyone one of their salespeople listens to at least one of their own calls every day so they can experience what is like to be a buyer buying from them.

Refract helps salespeople understand exactly how they're performing, and compare their performance on every call with millions of other calls. Ambitious, growth minded salespeople love this kind of technology. Closed minded and brittle salespeople complain its "Big Brother" gone mad. Great salespeople practice on purpose. The rest practice in front of the customer.

We discuss the power of incremental learning, self reflection and self assessment of performance. We explore the many challenges of building a fast growing technology business in a new category. We discuss the joys of dealing with staff, investors, being acquired. A frank, funny and honest conversation with a genuinely decent leader. Well worth a listen.

Contact Kevin linkedin.com/in/kevinbeales

Website: refract.ai  (Company Website)Email: kevin@refract.aiTwitter: kevinbealesKevin is always on the look out for top sales talent and potential. Drop him a line with a message that makes him want to call you back!--Think of someone who'd find this episode useful. Share it with them. And if you feel the urge to leave an honest review on Apple or Google podcasts, please do--If you want to be a guest on the show or can recommend someone you feel I should interview email me at marcus@laughs-last.com

The Art of Selling to Procurement

The Art of Selling to Procurement

June 13, 2021

There is both Art and Science in procurement. Phil Ideson helps purchasers and sellers form more effective partnerships. Phil says, "Procurement doesn't make decisions. Procurement does have any money. They influence decisions."

The number one problem 600 procurement leaders said they have "is the perception of procurement". Their capability is misunderstood internally as simply providing cost savings, and by sellers as blockers and adversaries. We explore how procurement is measured and compensated, the mistakes made when tactical procurement treats low spend as low importance.

Phil appeals for greater communication and collaboration to avoid the breakdown in human relationships which ultimately hurt the business.

Contact Phill via LInkedIn linkedin.com/in/philipideson

Website: artofprocurement.com  (Company Website)Email: philip@artofprocurement.comTwitter: pideson--Make sure you share this with your own procurement team if you have one, with your entire sales team and your senior management. Think of one person you can share this with immediately.--Contact me at marcus@laughs-last.com 

The Greatest Among Us Serve The Most

The Greatest Among Us Serve The Most

June 10, 2021

Max Cates discusses the power of servant leadership. We explore leadership's role in developing their executive team, their management team and building the culture and operations. We discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of ethics, compensation, measurement.

Contact Max via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/max-cates-0a8b4175/



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Complex Strategic Alliances Selling Enterprise

Complex Strategic Alliances Selling Enterprise

June 8, 2021

Zafer Karaca is Vice President, Services & Cloud, Enterprise at IBM.

We discuss the complexity of selling complex enterprise solutions to large corporations. The challenges of getting all the moving parts working in concert internally, within the customer, with partners and even with competitors.

We discuss how the ability to collaborate, even with your rivals is essential when selling to large enterprise customers is key to your customer's success and your own success. We explore how an infinite / growth mindset is essential and why a closed / finite mindset is harmful to you, your company and your customer.

We dig deep into #strategicalliances where you sell WITH not just through partners.

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What Qualities Does A Good VP of Sales Need?

What Qualities Does A Good VP of Sales Need?

June 6, 2021

Dan Morris is founder and managing partner of Mindracer Consulting, who offer experienced, outsourced VPs of Sales to small and early stage scale up technology businesses.

We explore what makes for an effective VP of Sales in a start up to scale, work effectively with the founder, stay focused, generate sales, build a team, create alignment, maintain motivation and drive behaviour.

Website: mindracerconsulting.com  (Company Website)Phone: +1 347 509 4565 (Mobile)Email: dan@mindracerconsulting.comTwitter


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Are You Tapping Into The Full Potential Of Audio In Your Marketing?

Are You Tapping Into The Full Potential Of Audio In Your Marketing?

June 3, 2021

Anna Parker-Naples is a former actress turned podcaster and podcast consultant. If you aren't tapping into the potential of audio marketing, you are definitely missing a powerful resource. An audio audience can help you build your list, grow your sales & marketing funnel in a hyper-targeted way to drive predictable sales and account growth.

Anna and I explore several areas relating to setting up your own podcast, getting it widely heard and building your audience. She gives tips on technology, brand building, things to avoid

#TheInquisitorPodcast fuels over 50% of my income today by bringing my work to my target audience without ever pushing or having to sell overtly. If you have something to say that others will value, consider setting up your own podcast. Globally there are only 2 million shows covering many aspects of human activity and interest. In my experience, a large proportion of my audience listen to 2 x 1 hour episodes each week. That is a lot of exposure and reinforcement.

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How Understanding Your Mental Toughness Will Boost Your Sales Performance

How Understanding Your Mental Toughness Will Boost Your Sales Performance

June 1, 2021

Lorna Lawless, is coaching psychologist specialising in coaching mental toughness. She coaches MMA fighters, salespeople and business leaders. We explore what is mental toughness? Why do people lack it? How does one acquire it?

Unless you are aware of where you fit on the 4C-scale of mental toughness it is easy to self-sabotage or fall prey to your internal dialogue. It can diminish you power, eat into your self-concept or make you come across as rude, brash and insensitive.

Lorna makes the point that we all have it and are born with a propensity to mental toughness, and it can be developed and coached, but too few managers and leaders are asking is what can they do to develop mental toughness in their people

  • Control
  • Commitment
  • Challenge
  • Confidence

Contact Lorna via linkedin.com/in/lorna-lawless-b4729a40

Email: lorna@nextlevelcoaching.ie


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