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Why Are Managers Failing Their Salespeople?

February 10, 2020

#MikeWeinberg is one of the most authentic, sincere and dedicated sales thought leaders on the planet today. He gloriously pulls no punches.

His brilliant books and training come from 3 decades of scar tissue. No arsty fartsy theory that hasn't been tested in the field with real salespeople and real sales managers. Mike is author of #SalesTruth, #NewSalesSimplified and #SalesManagementSimplified. They are must reads. Buy them all now. If they don't already grace your bookshelves, Audible library or Kindle reader, you are missing out.

You can see him speak at #Outbound in May 2020. Get a taste of what to expect in our fireside chat where we tear apart the myths and truths around:







If you're in a leadership role and don't like or understand sales, pay particularly close attention. If you have a team who is meant to be bringing in net new business ask yourself if you're trying to kill elephants with a plough? Are your farmers really zookeepers? And do your hunters use a sniper rifle or indiscriminately shoot anything that moves with an Uzi on drive by shootings.

We have a laugh, occasionally at your expense. Not because we're bad people but because we are passionate about helping salespeople reach their potential and if we didn't laugh we'd have to cry. What passes for average in sales is APPALLING. Sales management is a mess and sales leaders, God help us, you really need a rocket up your arse! This interview may light the touch paper. Pucker up ladies and geniltalmen. This going to be an uncomfortable ride ...